My name is Ana Badiu and I am a young mother and designer. I’ve always wanted to craft unique designs and so I have started since I was a little girl, when I was cutting off the sleeves on my mother’s dresses. Plus that I would also  shorten the dresses just to enrich my dolls’ wardrobe.
My school years have still gone by with the needle in my hands. When I graduated, my roads led to Italy and like every young lady, with high hopes of success. I got hired in well-known companies like Benetton and Sisley. I learned how to design and sew high quality clothes, but in the same time I’ve learned about the unicity that every woman needs to show.
Therefore, after returning in Moldavia, I’ve created the Anette brand. In order to design a work of art,
I am using unique textiles, precious gems and I put all my soul in the creation, so that every woman
wearing my clothes will always be the center of attention.
The Collection!
It’s about evening gowns, combined in fine textures and pale colors, bleu marin – the color of water,
green representing life, pale pink and violet,the chiffon sewing, crepe, silk and laces.
They are all tailored with decorative elements made from flowers and gems, with 3D manual
application. The sewing is shapes dependent. Some dressed are more body adjusted, and some are
lighter – every woman finds her style in these dresses.

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