CannellaEstablished in 1983, Organizzazione Grimaldi S.p.a. is specialized in the production and sale of women’s wear. In 1993, thanks to the experience gained through the years and to a great passion for fashion, it registered its own brand: CANNELLA.

Registered  and  operating  offices  are  strategically  located  at  the CIS  centre  in  Nola,  one  of  the  greatest  distribution  hubs  in  Europe and  an  international  reference  point  in  world-wide  fashion  market.
Here  Cannella  owns  a  7000  –  square  meter  showroom  and  later opens  also  at  the  Centergross  in  Bologna,  an  important  distribution point  for  the  North  and  Centre  of  Italy  and  for  foreign  countries  also.

CANNELLA is a well-established national brand that is enjoying success also abroad for its Made in Italy product as well as for high quality standards and competitive prices that guarantee it a good positioning of the brand in mid/high market segment.
CANNELLA prefers to use natural fibers which provide great wearability. It is designed for modern women who want to be fashionable and practical every moment of their day. For some years now, the new line C di Cannella was introduced.  Designed for curvy women’s needs, the secret of its success is that every single style is created to enhance generous proportions, giving comfort and wearability to bring out every woman’s femininity with fashionable clothing.

The new line of accessories give a boost to the brand strenghtening, through women’s best friend, the bag.
CANNELLA  handbag  collection  has  been  launched:  simple  and  classy, designed for a modern, dynamic Lady, full of energy and desire to experiment. CANNELLA  Brand  Extension  strategy  appeals  to  its  relational  assets, reliability and a well-deserved reputation that has been diligently built up over many years.