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logo fortuna sisters

„Fortuna Sisters” este sinonim cu gingășia și finețea. Creatiile brandului aduce libertate femeilor, reusind sa confere gratie, feminitate si eleganta.



Creațiile Lavielace surprind nevoia de a fi unică, diferită, oferind fiecărei femei posibilitatea de a avea o ținută elaborată, cu detalii fine realizate artizanal în una din cele mai sofisticate tehnici de creație artizanală – laseta românească.


L Storojuc

Creatiile L.Storojuc sunt definite de un design minimalist, croieli elegante, linii de silueta clasice si calitate superioara.


Logo wsr Doua Inimi

Brandul WSR “DOUĂ INIMI” a devenit un nume respectat în rândurile clientelor datorită experienței și talentului în crearea modelelor unice și individuale a rochiilor de mireasă și de seară într-o varietate mare.


Fabrica “Ionel” este una dintre cele mai mari întreprinderi din industria ușoară din Republica Moldova. Istoria companiei este de peste 70 de ani. SA ” Ionel” este specializata in confecţionarea de haine clasice pentru barbati si femei. Compania își promovează propriile mărci: pentru  bărbaţi – “Ionel” și “Giovanni Primo”, iar pentru femei: “Bella Prima”.


logo Lia Fia

Brand-ul a luat naștere din dragoste unei mame față de cele două fiice Emilia și Sofia, de unde vine și denumirea Lia Fia. Brand-ul participă activ la expoziții internaționale din Rusia / CPM Moscova;  Marea Britanie / Bubble London;  Kazakhstan / Kids Fashion Almaty, Ukraina / Baby Fashion Kiev, Romania / București etc.

Maria Lafuente


Multidisciplinary fashion designer looking for inspiration in art, music, sustainability and solidarity. She has traveled the world presented their collections and seeking synergies and artists that share their passion: fashion.


OJO 150x150

OJO by Iselin Dimitri is a new luxury brand of woman clothing that walks the runways with the quote :”We promise different, We promise beauty, We promise glam and all sparkles ”.

Patrick Cupid


Patrick Cupid has been flying under the radar in the world of fashion for over a decade, working in the luxury goods arena as a creative director, stylist and fashion show producer for designers across the globe and has been the driving force behind some of the most innovative figures in art and fashion to date.

Gina Cas


is a romanian fashion designer who invites people to be different and courageous in choosing their garments. The brand she officially brought to life in 2014 is the expression of their vision about art, as it develops an original and unique concept of creating clothes.

Herminas Reea

herminas-reea 150x150

Born in a greco-armenian family, where the dominative elements were the arts, the design and the artithmetics, I’ve come to learn a little bit from each domain, as later – reaching maturity – being able to combine the arts and the vestimentary design with the clearly shaped curved lines of the modern woman

Jeff Garner


Prophetik is the sartorial result of Garner’s take on visual art, blended with his pioneering stance on sustainability. The brand also has widespread celebrity appeal. Garner has dressed Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Gisele Bundchen, Miley Cyrus, Cameron Diaz, Livia Firth, Julia Stiles, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas and Kings of Leon.

Miloš Miletić

Milos Miletic

is one of the most successful Serbian designer. He owns two exclusive boutiques. His musical education  helps him with the creation of the collection so that music is his main inspiration from where its models are created.



O’Blanc is a young European based brand, but already selling in 8 countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Moldova, Ukraine.
The founder and designer of O’Blanc is Olga Blanc

Atelierele ILBAH

is a different kind of school. A school where students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the fashion industry from the most experienced and appreciated professionals.


was founded in 1949, and was privatized in 1996 with an entire Romanian capital. The company started working jackets in 1949, and began producing shirts in 1962. Since the  1980’ies we also started producing blouses and added skirts and dresses to our production lines after 1995.  Tarnava is exporting to countries like Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Holland etc. since 1968.

Madalina Ionita

A graduate of National University of Arts, Bucharest , Department of Fashion Design , followed by Master Degree, Strategist in fashion and costume , Madalina Nicoleta Ionita follows her own senses to highlight the elegance and femininity through creations with style and sophistication



Fashion design has always been Luiza’s passion, as this specialty highlights beauty and allows subtle, intelligent messages to be conveyed. As cliche as it sounds, passion is the main component of the LUI BY LUIZA label.

Adelina Boie

Adelina BOIE is a selftrained Romanian luxury fashion designer. She launched her brand Sophie by Adelina Boie in August 2014, at the age of 26


I’ve always wanted to craft unique designs and so I have started since I was a little girl, when I was cutting off the sleeves on my mother’s dresses. Plus that I would also  shorten the dresses just to enrich my dolls’ wardrobe.

Andrea Lazzari

PQMV was founded by Ceo Andrea Lazzari in 2014, assets shows at Fashion Weeks in Lisbon, Serbia, Paris, Vancouver, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Ningbo and Milan, and a constantly evolving market in China and the USA. Currently our collections are available in more than 30 selected worldwide stores. The Brand mission is to deconstruct and redefine the classic formal, drawing from street, offering a unique identity in the fashion market.

Miguel Duarte


Elegant silhouettes, rich fabrics and luxurious patterns unite to 25 years of brand experience AMontra VIP, bringing a new vision of the evening wear. AMontra VIP seeks to provide the highest quality, originality and diversity through its articles, following the latest trends in national and international fashion.

Diana Kaneva

Diana Kaneva – Bulgaria


Yahya Al Bishri

Yahya Al Bishri is a Saudi fashion designer. He has designed garments for King Abdullah and royal families around the world such as Princess Diana.

Lara Wear

Încă din copilărie și adolescență, fiecare dintre noi a avut eroi în care s-a regăsit, cu care s-a identificat, alături de care a visat: eroii din poveștile copilăriei, din cărțile adolescenței, din filmele tinereții.


ambra design logo

Pasionata de moda, design si pictura, Cristina Iacomi, creeaza tinute vestimentare pe care le vede ca pe un mijloc de a exprima ceea ce suntem si ceea ce simtim, dincolo de sabloane.
Cristina Iacomi se ocupa personal de scenografia, coloana sonora si stylingul colectiilor prezentate: bijuterii, accesorii, sugestii pentru hair-style si make-up.



a world-leading brand of shoes combining style and comfort, has built its success on great design, leather quality, and innovative technology. ECCO is one of the few major shoe manufacturers in the world which owns and manages every aspect of its leather and shoe

Celebrity Skin

Dimitris Strepkos and his assistant Eleni Mparla

(head designer Dimitris Strepkos and his assistant Eleni Mparla) since 2009 have presented 12 collections at AXDW. Their trademark is avant garde clothing, mostly handmade, with commercial elements. They are always in pursuit of new techniques, mixing and experimenting with moulage and pattern.

Iulia Ghenea & Emilia Tudoran


The IE projectwas born out of a desire to reinvent one of our undeniable local wonders, namely the traditional Romanian folk dress, and it’s made up of Emilia Tudoran and Iulia Ghenea, both graduates from the National University of Arts in Bucharest – Fashion

Evgheni Hudorojcov


is a fashion brand created by the young and talented designer from Moldova – Evgheni Hudorojcov. The fast and promising beginning in the world of beauty and style has allowed the designer to achieve huge and remarkable results, conquering not only the fashion catwalks, but also the hearts of all women, that couldn’t remain indifferent to what is

Alexievici Couture


is a fashion design studio in Bucharest specialised in wedding and evening couture gowns, elegant and refined, sewn in high quality fabrics. Since its startup in 2015, the dresses resemble the mark of a philosophy that reflects a biography



a footwear brand created by Ionuț Glăvan and George Ștefănescu, launched its new collection deliberately called SENSE as it celebrates every woman’s fashion sense and personal style by integrating exquisite fabrics such as precious velvet and soft camoscio

Răzvan Vâlceanu


made to measure shirts for men and women describe a personal path taken together with our customers. From sketch to retouch, in order to become the signature of our client. Be it classical or avant-garde

Giovanni Fabiani


can trace its origins back to 1970, with the unveiling of our first collection branded Fabiani for the Italian market. Entrepreneur Giovanni Fabiani founded the company on the back of his technical expertise and managerial  capability.

Isabel Garcia


an Italian brand of designer clothing that stands out for its rich colors, unusual cuts and innovative approach to fabrics. Brand’s philosophy is to create elegant clothing for women at affordable prices and along the latest fashion trends.

Zsolt Popa


is an up-and-coming young fashion designer who graduated in 2010 and has worked with several fashion companies based in Budapest. His first collection that made an impact nationally was titled “Barbie Funeral”.

Mirela Diaconu

Mirela Diaconu

designer and founder of Mirela Diaconu Studio puts women first. Her imagination and creative thinking drives her to create effortless but elegant dresses, glamorous evening gowns which make any woman standout and wedding pieces that are every girls’ dream

Stella & Style


Stella & T Collection, well-known as the Style & Image Consultant in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf area, winner of the prestigious award for Style Consultants in the 12th BFA 2016, presents a magnificent collection dedicated to the love for Bulgarian

Ioana David


graduate of the Arts University of Bucharest, Fashion Department, presents the “ORIGAMER Collection” – which was designed with the idea of transforming the apparel elements through various  stitches, cuts and changes in the materials’ pattern and texture.

Salomeia Truță Fashion Institute


is currently the best tailoring, digital pattern and fashion design school from Romania. The Institute is defined as a singular entity in the market of professional training from Romania

Route 107


is born by an interest in the dreams of ordinary people, of the people living the scents and colors of the road along the life with passion. ROUTE 107 is not a brand but a lifestyle and a way to go together


Ina is the generator of ideas and DiVero company’s creative approaches, she takes responsibility for the brand’s promotion strategies, supervises and examines every stage of collection creation till the smallest details.

Alexandra Calafeteanu

Alexandra Calafeteanu

A fashion designer is the person who should have the power to translate a vision into a sketch, a pattern or a piece of clothing, being able to establish an interaction between material, body and society.
The dress is a subtle form of communication that can show one’s mood and personality. My job requires communication skills, imagination, creativity, independent thinking



Established in 1983, Organizzazione Grimaldi S.p.a. is specialized in the production and sale of women’s wear. In 1993, thanks to the experience gained through the years and to a great passion for fashion, it registered its own brand: CANNELLA.

Marie Ollie

Marie Ollie

is a luxury company that specializes in evening-ware and bridal-ware. Reaching from Paris Fashion Week to Barcelona Bridal Week, from New York International Bridal Week to exhibitions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Marie Ollie aims to satisfy the customers with its continuous excellence in creating innovative collections. Marie Ollie team encourages passion, craves