Geta MarinGeta Marin – the first key hair stylist from Romania at New York Fashion Week. She’s premium lider in hair style on international level and she has loads of shows in Romania and all over Europe!

Geta Marin will be present at NYFW for spring summer collection 2017, presented by No3NYFw, event hosted by Armony NY In Lexington Avenue, famous venue for Victoria’s secret shows!

Geta Marin will do all the styles and will coordinate a team with 15 stylists that will work for all the biggest designers in the world!

Geta Marin it’s a famous stylist  that works with celebrities in Romania and Europe.

She’s also the main person in hair for many others fashion events: Romanian Fashion Philosophy, Bucharest Fashion Week, Feeric Fashion Week, and also Milan Fashion Week.

Her work can be find in Vogue Italy, Peplvm Magazine, Trend Prive Magazine, Schon Magazine, The LA fashion from Los Angeles, Armani Calendar and many others!

She’s famous for her ability to change a style from another in less than 5 minutes. She has more than 20 years in industry and since 2013 she opened her own school, Geta Marin Academy recognised 100%  for perfection, passion and teamwork. From September she will open a new school for make up!

With a impressive portfolio, big names like: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Catrinel Menghia, Anama Ferreira, Andreea Garmendia, Monica Anghel, Elena Gheorghe, Monica Rosu, Adeline Catinas and many others, after she’d be back from NYFWC Geta Marin will have her own show in Romania, at one of the biggest events, organised by  Wella professional on 3rd October 2016!

She’s artistic director for Intercoiffure  Romania and special for this magazine she will show us the latest update in the autumn winter collection 2017.