Giovanni FabianiGiovanni Fabiani can trace its origins back to 1970, with the unveiling of our first collection branded Fabiani for the Italian market. Entrepreneur Giovanni Fabiani founded the company on the back of his technical expertise and managerial  capability.

Giovanni Fabiani is an international company at the forefront of the shoe industry and a flagship  brand  of the women’s luxury footwear market. We showcase  our latest collections  at the most prestigious international  exhibitions in Italy, France, the U.S.A., Russia  and Asian countries. The Giovanni Fabiani brand today is synonymous with quality, style, innovation and tradition.

Craftsmenship and the industrial process combine in the production of shoes where true refinement meets the treasures of detail. Artisanal expertise  is involved throughout each stage of production, from designing to finishing of soles and uppers, to obtain the most refined, detail-rich creations, complete with decorative elements and embroidered adornments, which utilize only the finest hand-craftsmanship.

Products of highest quality originate from attention to detail and use of the most technologically advanced machinery combined to to the meticulous selection of hides and raw materials, scrutinized  and tested until the very last phase of work, and rigorous high quality control.

Giovanni Fabiani‘s romantic sofistication and refined audacity charactize a woman always looking for timeless  class, over the trends of extreme fashion, that simply means ‘style’.