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Born in a greco-armenian family, where the dominative elements were the arts, the design and the artithmetics, I’ve come to learn a little bit from each domain, as later – reaching maturity – being able to combine the arts and the vestimentary design with the clearly shaped curved lines of the modern woman, full of seduction and sensuality.
In 2012, Herminas Reea was born and with it came specialized studies in the field of fashion design. Herminas Reea brand has a clear vision of Haute Couture dresses, focusing on lace, handmade clothes and accessories, diaphanous veils that highlight the woman’s innocence, but at the same time her femininity and sensuality. The young designer has made many transparent dresses with generous cracks and corsets.
Working with the same pleasure for the masculine customers as well as for children, she puts the same dedication in creating suits, shirts and trousers, highlighting in each creation the beauty of the modern man.
Herminas Reea is based in Bucharest, Romania. All dresses are designed and handcrafted using the finest fabrics and imported laces. The design, construction and fitting process can take few weeks and the showroom is located in the heart of Bucharest, in the neighborhood Cotroceni.


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