House of Byfield is the Dream: An unmistakable brand that expresses the unconventional luxury which season after season innovates the fashion fraternity globally.

House of Byfield is internationally recognized as one of the World’s foremost couture ready-to-wear brands. Established in 2011 by Carmichael Byfield, the company is considered a leading fashion house in designs, quality and innovation.

The House of Byfield brand has become synonymous with luxury, allure and unparalleled glamour. Built from the success of it’s fashion intentions, Byfield has grown his offering to include shows/collections. In 2011, Byfield debuted ready-to-wear followed by MIN, a diffusion evening attire line.

Byfield’s signature design sensibility has also led to the launch of other House of Byfield product categories, transforming the design house into a luxury lifestyle brand.

The company’s corporate office is located in Rotterdam where its collections are manufactured.

Carmichael A. Byfield
Carmichael A. Byfield

Carmichael Byfield was born October 18, 1975 in Kingston Jamaica. In 2008 he migrated to the Netherlands, where he found his passion for designing mens clothes. he spent most of his time (drawing, creating Images and combining fabrics) which eventually led him to enroll Into A fashion school.

In 2011 Carmichael began freelancing as a self motivated designer while studying fashion in the Netherlands. Byfield’s style is described as colourful and elegant with a clever detailing and a sporty touch. Simple sophistication Is Archived with light, flowing fabrics layered into asymmetric. forms and often drapes directly on the body.

Production is undertaken in the Netherlnds useing highly quality materials from the (Netherlands, Belgium And Germany). He is currently working feverously to present his collections twice yearly.