Iulia Ghenea & Emilia Tudoran

logo Iulia Ghenea si Emilia Tudoran

The IE projectwas born out of a desire to reinvent one of our undeniable local wonders, namely the traditional Romanian folk dress, and it’s made up of Emilia Tudoran and Iulia Ghenea, both graduates from the National University of Arts in Bucharest – Fashion College.

We set out to study the shape and structure of the traditional dress ensemble in Romania, as well as key accessories worn with the daily and the festive garbs alike.


  • Before They Pass Away – It’s purpose is reshaping the conception about the clothing by refashioning the garb, a new vision that pertains to working techniques and the utility of accessories.
  • Zestrar [Dowry] – If today the wind fancies blowing into our sails too, it’s because we let it whisper our story. We listened to what the little ladies told us, we heard the birds on high, we opened the dowry chest and created the ZESTRAR collection. It wears itself, but it also wears its much endowed nature.


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