Fashion design has always been Luiza’s passion, as this specialty highlights beauty and allows subtle, intelligent messages to be conveyed. As cliche as it sounds, passion is the main component of the Lui by Luiza label.

I have always been convinced that I can transform basic fabrics into unique pieces, hence fashion and design became the way I can freely express myself, and at the same time help others do the same. I communicate through my creations”.

Autodidact is the key word that defines designer Luiza Ilinca. Her first fashion collection was designed and launched in 2006, in Craiova. After a break lasting a few years, a time period she called “a long, overwhelming pause” she is finally back, captivating the attention of many people with her dedication and hard work. She believes she is a fighter since she gave up everything and started from scratch, after almost 20 years. She finds it easy to be inspired and allows things and people inspire her. She can notice details which make a big difference while others do not and she never compromises when it comes to her creations.

“I started expressing myself once again and my goal became my wish that every woman wearing my designs will be remarked“. The Lui by Luiza collection, the one she presents at this event represents her and her team’s hard work, a project in which she strongly believes and to which she dedicated herself without doubt.