Multidisciplinary fashion designer looking for inspiration in art, music, sustainability and solidarity.

She has traveled the world presented their collections and seeking synergies and artists that share their passion: fashion.

It presents its collections at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week since 2006.


Collaborates with major companies like the Spanish Olympic Committee, The Royal Glass Factory Farm, Google, Blackberry, Reflect Nova and engineers with whom he has developed accessories honey sugar cane and artists like Demo, Pedro Sandoval, Ramon Villa, Nonia Villa and Alberto Rodriguez Serrano, architects Vaillo & Irigaray, musicians like David Dalmau, Edson Zamproha, Elena Hidalgo and Juan Antonio Simarro.
Red Cross makes contributions, AE.CC, Sandra Ibarra Foundation, Caritas, Haren Alde, Womans Foundation Week, etc.

Designed for dance companies, theater, film, television and music shows.
Corporate image for large enterprises and high social, sporting and cultural level entities.

Has many worlwide awards in Japan, two awards in Miami, CPD Dusseldorf, Grand Prix Formula 1 Malaysia, Monaco, Golden Needle in Portugal and several national awards, including the Gold Thimble for best Spanish designer and pre nomination Hollywood Oscars for directing costumes for the film “Paranoid Girls”.

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