Milos MileticMilos MileticMiloš Miletić is one of the most successful Serbian designer. He owns two exclusive boutiques. His musical education  helps him with the creation of the collection so that music is his main inspiration from where its models are created.

His work is known for luxury robes, richness of materials, glamor and futurism, now  hi created for celebrities. Milos Miletic presented a more humanitarian fashion show. In Vienna in 2013 he was elected to the first three best designer in the Balkans. He drew drew special attention in the Arab world on the Middle East, where it is very popular.

Collection for the year 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of  him work. The main theme is the handcrafts, unique materials that are specially designed for garments designed for special occasions. The collection begins with dresses and ending with the glamorous wedding gowns.