OJO by Iselin Dimitri is a new luxury brand of woman clothing that walks the runways with the quote :”We promise different, We promise beauty, We promise glam and all sparkles ”. We usually deliver 2 collections a year that contain unique pieces and according to the client`s personality we can personalise our design. Our brand presented the latter collection in New York at Young Designers Fashion Runway and now for the first time you will see at Fahion Philosophy, the collection ROYAL. Our concept encourages woman to be and feel comfortable, beautifull, different and embrace our unique vision. Our garments are choosen with care. All embrodery is hand made, hand sewed by our designers and tailors so that we can deliver the best and unique garments made by us in our workshop.
Iselin Dimitri, the designer at OJO brand is a romanian woman that finished the University of Arts in Bucharest and she gives life to our dresses. She works hard in order to find the perfect garments and make sketches in order to achieve perfection creating the ideal outfit. She creates from dresses to pants and jackets and combines a variety of garments made specially in our workshop.