ROUTE 107 is born by an interest in the dreams of ordinary people, of the people living the scents and colors of the road along the life with passion. ROUTE 107 is not a brand but a lifestyle and a way to go together.

Route 107History
2015. During a trip to the United States with his family, meet Maurizio, entrepreneur Italian moved to New York three years ago with family.
Maurizio was back in the game and put back into play all his professional life sharing from zero. His story is common to many others, but the courage to face a new life with family in almost 50 years it makes it different and worthy of being heard.

A different lifestyle. Passion.
From his words especially evident passion for his ideas and for the new job that takes him between one State and another in the US. Of course, in the States everything is easier… will think. Certainly, in the States the ideas have value and the people who put them in the field are heard and helped.

Then in Italy there is too much bureaucracy …
In Italy we are good but so is useless: no one will listen to us and help … So we do nothing and do not try to get involved? We do not try to ourselves that our passions and our ideas can be successful?

We’ll have to move abroad to force BEGIN?
I continued to ask me all these questions (and many others) until we decided (me and my family) to introduce to the public with ideas and projects to be put in place and, above all, do things with love and passion.

ROUTE 107 born, named after the street in New York City where I met for the first time Maurizio.
We believe in innovation and we want to go down this road (ROUTE 107) with you. Try to follow us and to share with us this path, made of dreams of ordinary people to the dreams and needs of street people.