stella-and-styleStella & Style – Stella & T Collection, well-known as the Style & Image Consultant in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf area, winner of the prestigious award for Style Consultants in the 12th BFA 2016, presents a magnificent collection dedicated to the love for Bulgarian Rose.

The collection contains both formal and casual garments, plain and elegant, accentuated only by the quality of the material and the pattern of a Damask rose, which is repeated in all models. This simplicity hides extreme sophistication, where color, texture and proportions work together to create a sleek looking outfit. Femininity, energy and emotions are are perceived not just in the dresses. Trousers and jumpsuits flow freely, giving a relaxed and sensual look.

The rose, the symbol and inspiration for this collection represents both the eternal elegance and the incredible work it takes to achieve that elegance.