Brand YuliaKosyak was founded in 2006 in St. Petersburg by designer Yulia Kosyak.

Costume philosophy breaking through its visual forms and metamorphoses, which happening with individual and a space around him – is what interests most and being a module of creative work of brand YuliaKosyak.

Peculiarity of Author vision is the ability of each of the costumes-modificators being put on in tenths different ways, where’s costumes-transformers could easily change its silhouette and shape turning into elegant or daily dresses.

The brand idea during the period before 2012 was turned into creation of esthetics of reality for garments in space and time and its conversion into costume and its figurative arrangement.

The main element for vision on this subject was the collection of costumes-architectons taking part in few different projects. Series of graphical art was presented on each project offering reflection of time movement in space by means of costume geometry taking into consideration plasticity of forms surrounding it in order to organize it visual sight in other inherent reality. One of this art works kept in reserves of Russian Museum.

Projects utilizing authors assemble technics, module constructions and technological solutions serve as foundation for transferring of new findings into pret-a-porte line.

After 2012 Art-line costumes find its new evolvement into theatrical performances and podium presentations in form of Fashion show. Appearing new pret-a-porte lines ready to wear. The work is carried on a slice technology in clothes using mixed technics, luminographical technic by implementing light-graphical elements and more. Most unordinary costumes from collection are presented in theatrical performances by director Felix Mikhailov.

Yulia Kosyak – member of Union of Artist of Russia, designer of avant-garde, theatrical, conceptual and costumes pret-a-porte. Direction of creative work is art-transformation and costumes-modificators. Attended a few workshops in Paris during one of which worked in Les-Art Decoratifs on Madelen Vionnet exposition.



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